Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ

Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ

Title:Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ
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Date:13 July 2017
Duration:7:50 Min
User:Psychedelic Universe
Type:MP3/ MP4/ FULL HD

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Parabola Music welcomes back Kazuki with these two incredible tribal acid progressive psychedelic trance creations which will show the world the new directions in high quality sound coming from the talented electronic producer from Australia. A paradox of rhythmic grooves that is both on-point and deeply psychedelic is how Kazuki describes himself as a DJ. For Kazuki, it’s a constant search of new flavors whether it’s a groovy deep house bass line, some syncopated tribal techno drums or a squelchy acid synth in a trance stomp. As a child electronic music was always in the background with the sounds of Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Tangerine Dream, but it was an early mixing program included in DJ Mark Farina’s ‘Mushroom Jazz’ mix CD that first introduced Kazuki to the possibilities of dance music and DJ culture.

Today, this means a regular string of club gigs, festivals, and time spent in the studio to create and share music to make people smile and move their feet! Kazuki is not restricted by a self-imposed box of genres or style it’s about finding “that” sound. A well-known player in the underground ACT and NSW scene, Kazuki is also a writer and promoter, bringing an equally high level of enthusiasm to his own events as he does his productions in the studio.

Kazuki’s first EP ‘Spaceship Earth’ was released on Geomagnetic Records in December 2012. His first full-length album ‘Black Triangles’ was released in April 2014, with a follow up EP 'Sinister Sunrise' released in June 2015 and then his release with Parabola music called Journey to the Electric Sky which are available at Psyshop and various music download sites.

“Dance music is more than just a style – it’s about the experience. For me, you can’t go past a dark, pulsing room with a bass line so immense you can feel it in your chest. There’s this magical sweetness that you continually chase as a DJ – it’s a transcendental space, a special vibe…and when the beat drops at that perfect time, and everyone on the dance floor is united in the simple fact of just being there in that very moment. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Download Gratis Video Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ di FBVVVG.GA

Video Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ juga telah diupload di platform Youtube dengan judul asli "Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ", dimana video tersebut diupload pada tanggal 13 July 2017 dengan panjang durasi mencapai 7:50 menit. Video Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ sudah ditonton sebanyak 16,175 kali. Sampai saat ini, video Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ telah mempunyai respon positif dengan responden sejumlah 299 menyukai video berjudul Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ. Meski demikian, video Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ juga mempunyai respon negatif dengan sejumlah 9 orang unlike. Video Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ diupload oleh Psychedelic Universe

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If you download video or mp3 music Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ on this page, just try to review it, if you really like the video or mp3 Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ song please buy an official original cassette or official CD from the original album, you can also download Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ legal on Official iTunes, to support all music works, especially Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ on all charts and charts throughout the world.

Ketentuan download gratis lagu Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ di FBVVVG.GA

Lagu Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ telah diupload di Youtube dengan judul Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ pada tanggal 13 July 2017, limit durasi mencapai 7:50 menit. Hingga sekarang, lagu berjudul Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ telah ditonton sebanyak 16,175 kali. Lagu Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ memiliki rating yang baik dengan perolehan likers sebanyak 299 orang, meski sebanyak 9 orang memberikan penilaian yang buruk. Lagu dan video berjudul Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ telah diupload oleh channel Psychedelic Universe

Bila kamu mengunduh lagu Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ MP3 maupun Video usahakan hanya untuk review saja, jika memang kamu suka dengan lagu Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ belilah kaset asli yang resmi atau CD official dari album Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ, kamu juga bisa mendownload secara legal di Official iTunes, untuk mendukung Kazuki Mythos Of Eris ᴴᴰ di semua charts dan tangga lagu Indonesia dan dunia.

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