Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑

Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑

Title:Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH
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Date:20 March 2019
Duration:3:17 Min
Type:MP3/ MP4/ FULL HD

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‘Sun & Moon ☉+◑’ by iNCH -

’Til The End Of The World, We’ll Meet In No Man’s Land is a binaural anti-musical that premieres on the 25th April 2019 - 4th May 2019 at 72-13, Home of Theatreworks in Singapore. Tickets are available on Sistic now -

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Director/Producer: Jayden Tan
Director of Photography: Audi Khalid
Editor: Jayden Tan, Audi Khalid
Assisting/BTS Photographer: Augustine Yuen
Fashion Stylist: Josiah Chua
Fashion Assistant: Raine Toh
Make-up Artist: Beno Lim
Make up: Urban Decay
Hair Stylist: Den Ng

Somethin’ in the fire,
somethin’ in the flame
Gasoline rainbows
and spilt champagne
ratchet, ragged, raging,
wreckage that remains
Ohhh but I can’t look away

Something’s in the air,
something’s in the firs
Preachin’ that the meek
shall inherit the earth?
smoke and mirrors,
see-through figures hold turf
Ohhh don’t it seem absurd

(What signs do you see)
(Is time an active actant)

Tell where’s the end we start we start from
How do I find a trace of hope
Buried under rubble
Tell what’s there left to do
When it all seems not up to you
Maybe we’re in trouble
As long as the sun and moon still abide
Who am I to disregard the divide.

Something’s in the water
something’s in the rain
Gasoline rainbows and spilt champagne
let it, leave it, love em,
loathe em, take the bait
Ohhh you hooked, lined, sinker

Download Gratis Video Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ di FBVVVG.GA

Video Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ juga telah diupload di platform Youtube dengan judul asli "Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH", dimana video tersebut diupload pada tanggal 20 March 2019 dengan panjang durasi mencapai 3:17 menit. Video Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH sudah ditonton sebanyak 3,824 kali. Sampai saat ini, video Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ telah mempunyai respon positif dengan responden sejumlah 135 menyukai video berjudul Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH. Meski demikian, video Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH juga mempunyai respon negatif dengan sejumlah 4 orang unlike. Video Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ diupload oleh iNCH

Download MP3 Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑

If you download video or mp3 music Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ on this page, just try to review it, if you really like the video or mp3 Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ song please buy an official original cassette or official CD from the original album, you can also download Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ legal on Official iTunes, to support all music works, especially Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ on all charts and charts throughout the world.

Ketentuan download gratis lagu Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ di FBVVVG.GA

Lagu Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ telah diupload di Youtube dengan judul Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH pada tanggal 20 March 2019, limit durasi mencapai 3:17 menit. Hingga sekarang, lagu berjudul Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH telah ditonton sebanyak 3,824 kali. Lagu Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ memiliki rating yang baik dengan perolehan likers sebanyak 135 orang, meski sebanyak 4 orang memberikan penilaian yang buruk. Lagu dan video berjudul Sun & Moon ☉+◑ INCH telah diupload oleh channel iNCH

Bila kamu mengunduh lagu Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ MP3 maupun Video usahakan hanya untuk review saja, jika memang kamu suka dengan lagu Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ belilah kaset asli yang resmi atau CD official dari album Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑, kamu juga bisa mendownload secara legal di Official iTunes, untuk mendukung Inch Sun Moon ☉ ◑ di semua charts dan tangga lagu Indonesia dan dunia.

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